Sweet Talk

Feature film Sweet Talk

“Sweet Talk” is director Terri Hanauer’s first feature film — and she does an admirable job of extracting memorable performances from her leads, as well as the supporting cast, who also happen to turn up as various characters within the film’s fantasy sequences.

As low-budget indie romance dramedies go, “Sweet Talk” delivers a surprisingly enjoyable experience .

The Examiner

Mutually erotic storytelling…

For those of you who miss ‘Red Shoes Diaries…


Quietly trailblazing…

Village Voice

Cerebrally erotic, beautifully executed…

Jean Paul

Recycling Flo – short film

Winner – The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival – BEST SHORT

Winner – Farmington Comedy Film Festival – BEST SHORT

Finalist LA Indie Film Producers Short Film Contest

Recycling Flo

The Way You Look Tonight

The Way You Look Tonight

What I loved most about this production, besides the stunning writing, was the stellar directing. Terri Hanauer (director) navigates the actors with absolute precision, making this simple story a sheer joy to watch – grasping the funny moments, but letting the honesty of the story shine without making it seem silly.

Los Angeles Post

Funny, touching, quirky, surprising, romantic and thanks to an incredible cast, and terrific directing by Terri Hanauer, this is a play you do not want to miss.

The Examiner

An intriguing premise… the cast is game… directed with élan by Terri Hanauer.

Blog Critics

Cafe Society

This is the play for L.A.! … the best I’ve had the pleasure to review in many a year. Everything about it is so damn clever and up to date, as well as wildly entertaining… directed by Terri Hanauer…an up to the minute theatrical romp you won’t soon forget.

Will Call

WOW! Zaniness reigns supreme… terrifically performed, imaginatively directed, cleverly designed… I laughed hard and loud throughout.

Stage Scene LA

Winner – Best Acting in Ensemble Comedy

Notable Mention for Best Director in a Comedy

LA Stage Scene

The Trip Back Down


Trip Back Down

Compellingly involving… Directed with pulsating passion by Terri Hanauer… try to catch it!

The Tolucan Times

Terri Hanauer’s well-designed staging realizes the plethora of cathartic pit stops marking Bobby’s journey.

Arts In LA

The entire 15-member cast is terrific. Terri Hanauer’s direction is spot on.

Stage and Cinema

La Ronde de Lunch

…in a delightfully over-the-top staging, director Terri Hanauer lets her large and talented cast off the leash, allowing them to romp freely through Lefcourt’s extravagancies.

LA Times

Hanauer does a bang-up job of directing, letting loose a stellar cast of actors to perform at their creative best while still holding a firm rein over the tone of the piece. Her use of imaginative props, music, choreography (Tracy Silver) and costumes (Shon Le Blanc) add immeasurably to the evening.

Hollywood Reporter

Director Terri Hanauer’s inventive and creative direction mines every visual laugh while keeping the character development on track.

Larchmont Chronicle

Terri Hanauer directs the actors to perform at their creative best while still holding a firm rein over the tone of the piece. Her use of imaginative props, music, choreography (Tracy Silver) and costumes (Shon Le Blanc) add immeasurably to the evening.

La Ronde de Lunch

Best Production Comedy
Best Direction of a Comedy – Terri Hanauer
Best Acting in Ensemble Cast Comedy
Best Performance by a featured actor/Comedy – Brynn Thayer
Costume Design – Shon LeBlanc
Best Scenic Design – Jeff McLaughlin

LA RONDE DE LUNCH – Ovation Recommended

Collected Stories

Under helmer Terri Hanauer’s relentlessly intuitive guidance, Lang and Sutherland achieve an emotionally tangible final scene schism that sucks the air right off the stage.

Pacifica Radio

Director Terri Hanauer elicits fine performances from her cast and expertly calibrates the shifts in the women’s ever-changing relationship.

Back Stage West

Mutually Assured Destruction

Director Hanauer’s dynamite cast, coupled with a clever script, makes for a light-hearted evening of theatre and in the words of the Bard, “All’s Well That End’s Well” or a mutually assured evening of enjoyment.

Santa Monica Mirror

Witty and intellectually sharp…Terri Hanauer’s direction was spot-on for the piece, and the actors did not miss a cue.

LA Splash
Mutually Assured Destruction

Mutant Olive

Mutant Olive

Awarded Best Solo Show – Whitefire Theatre Solo Festival

DARING… cleverly directed by Terri Hanauer … This is deep digging.

On Stage Los Angeles

ELECTRICALLY PACED by director Terri Hanauer… Hara’s go-for-broke performance is compulsively watchable… a surprisingly original thrill.

Stage and Cinema