Sweet Talk – Trailer

Sweet Talk

A troubled young woman and a blocked writer, both at loose ends in their lives, meet over a phone sex line and, after some provocative and amusing verbal dueling, take a journey together that turns out to be a great deal more erotic and evocative than either of them suspected.

“Sweet Talk” is a sensual tale about the transformative power of storytelling.

Sweet Talk is available on the following:
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Recycling Flo – Short Film

Jake meets Fran at a party. One thing leads very quickly to another and soon he is having a torrid affair with this intriguing young woman featuring breathless sexual gymnastics in imaginative places. This uninhibited passion grinds to a halt when Fran shows up with a suitcase and a dog named Flo. Trapped in an untenable ménage a trois, Jake finds an imaginative, not to mention ecological, solution to his problem.

Run Time: 14 min.

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